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Welcome to CiS

Surgical training is amongst the longest career pathways in medicine. Surgery, through its nature, is an acute medical field. It is physically demanding in terms of daily routines of managing acutely unwell patients and performing practical procedures at all times of the day. In addition, surgical continuous professional developmental courses are also amongst the most expensive. With tuition fees now uncapped, a 5-year degree programme can cost up to a minimum of £45,000. A 2007 report by Association of Surgeons in Training showed that the total cost of surgical training from medical school to completion of training is over £400,000, a figure that would have only risen over the last few years. So, why do you want to do surgery?

'Career in Surgery' is a one-day conference for medical students and junior doctors thinking about a career in surgery. The conference has been organised to provide structured and up to date specialist information about being a surgical trainee and the pathway to a Consultant in the modern NHS. The conference also aims to guide trainees on how to prepare for the challenges of getting into Core Training or Higher Specialist Training. Speakers will discuss if and when to pursue extra degrees and when to sit exams. In the past, doctors have had more time available to try out few specialties before deciding their career option but the introduction of Modernising Medical Careers (MMC) in 2005 has reduced the time available to decide on the career journey. The conference therefore is an important opportunity to discuss surgical career-related issues including the Health Education England's Improving Surgical Training (IST) initiative and its impact on future trainees..

The day will comprise of talks, small group discussions and Q & A sessions. It also provides an opportunity to present research.